Florida Wild Hog


All of our pork is Florida wild hog. Trapped right here on Three Suns Ranch or brought to us from local trappers. As you might know, wild hog damage to pastures and landscaping can be a problem here in Florida, so using this population as our source helps control the wild hog population.  U.S.D.A. inspected.


•USDA Inspected


Locally Trapped

Great Flavor

Helps control the local population

No antibiotics or hormones used

Clean Meat

USDA Certified Florida Wild Hog

Our Florida wild hog has a great flavor and is much leaner than pork from the supermarket. We have all of the regular cuts of pork like chops, hams and boston butts, as well as sausage, kielbasa, and other more processed products.

Questions about Wild Hog vs Conventional? Ask Away!

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