Three Suns Ranch

Our History and Our Future


Three Suns Ranch came to be in June of 2012. Prior to the change in ownership, the land was being used as your typical cattle ranch of Florida. The operations were what is called in the industry today as a cow calf operation. This is where the herd of cattle, mostly cows, are bred and then when the calves come along, they are shipped off to the feed lots. As we are becoming aware of, because feedlots hold so many cattle in such small areas, antibiotics and growth hormones are used, and eventually traces of these substances end up in the meat. With the desire of the new owners to produce and consume a clean product, everything changed on that day in June. With good health in mind, the idea to raise and produce Bison meat became the main focus of the ranching operations. Grass fed Bison were purchased from many different areas of the country, creating our initial herd.

RealMeats LLC

RealMeats, which is the marketing brand for the meat produced from Three Suns Ranch, began operations in March of 2013 with the delivery of our MPU (Mobile Processing Unit). The MPU is where the animals are first processed in their journey to your plate. We have a full time crew that works very hard every day to produce a quality wholesome product that you can purchase. Go to our Shopping page to purchase hormone, antibiotic free meat for your family.

Our Future

Our goals here at Three Suns Ranch include expansion of our meat production to provide meat for more customers looking to purchase a clean product and to improve the quality of our pastures and forage in an environmentally friendly way using high density rotational grazing as part of that process.